Easy 4 Step Guide to Pricing Music Gear Using Reverb.com

electric guitar hanging near wall

This post started from a conversation with 2 of my best friends. One was passing along information on a guitar for sale. In short, the seller was asking retail price or more for his used gear.

Will Smith saying come on, man.

The price is the price?

One way to determine the price of gear is to search Reverb. Folks fail when they see a price and think:

This is how much my guitar is worth!

Easy peasy, right? Right? Right?

Stop looking at Reverb and thinking the price is the price. It’s not.

How to find the price of your gear.

Step 1

Search Reverb for the item you’re wanting to sell.

Reverb.com search results for a Lucky Dog guitar.

Step 2

Filter your search to show only sold items.

Reverb.com screenshot showing the sold listings search filter checked.

Step 3

Sort the results so that you see the most recent sales first. This gives you a better idea of the current value of your item.

Reverb.com screenshot showing search results sorted by most recent sales.

Step 4

Do the math.

Reverb says their pricing is straightforward.

Man counting on his fingers.

Math makes my head hurt so I just take 10 to 15% off the sold price.

If the seller offered free shipping, also subtract that from the sold price. For a guitar, subtract an additional $80 or more.

The result is a good estimate of what your selling price should be.

Dennis Rodman holding a dollar bill.

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